Less than two months before voting day, Senator Lindsay Graham introduced legislation for a national 15-week abortion ban. This move was clear sabotage of the midterm elections for the new Republican Party. Senator Graham has always been an establishment Republican and appears to be plotting the short-term downfall of populist MAGA Republicans. Pro-life legislation is needed, but not when people are starting to pay attention to politics more to vote in November.

Damage to Republican Advantage

It’s rare for a President to mismanage an economy as badly as Joe Biden has. The midterms were looking like an opportunity for congressional republicans to win huge.

A Dream for Democrats

But now, every Democrat in the country will be running campaign ads telling Democrat voters to turn out and defend their “rights”. Graham’s move gave the Democratic Party ample time to use it as a campaign issue. The Democratic Party did just that, and they used Senator Graham’s legislation to energize their base and turn out voters on election day. They will also likely use the issue for fundraising, which will give them an even bigger advantage heading into the midterm elections.

Lindsey Graham is Out of Touch

Senator Lindsay Graham is an establishment Republican who does not have the best interests of MAGA Republicans at heart, nor the common citizen who wants responsive elected representatives. He sabotaged the midterms for the Republican Party by introducing this legislation.

MAGA should quit assisting Uni-Party Republicans Unless It Is Reciprocated

Donald Trump should never endorse Linsey Graham again unless it’s the only way possible to swing an important vote. If the establishment wants to kill MAGA, then they shouldn’t expect populist Republicans to lend their influence. We cannot let Biden have full legislative control for another two years.

Update: Mitch McConnell has told Lindsey Graham that he will not commit to supporting Graham’s legislation. This could reverse the damage from Graham utterly horrible timing.

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